How to find a great Life Coach…

Important criteria to consider when selecting a Life Coach

* Reliable

* Really listens and really hears you

* Excellent ability to focus their attention on you

* Clear, complete and accurate communications

* Clear boundaries

* Offerings of relevant “right for you” ideas

* Sharpness of strategies, and suggestions

* Keen ability to personalize their offerings to match what matters to you

* They genuinely care about you and the quality of your life

Identify three Qualified Life Coaches

Contact them to schedule a sample of their coaching.

After talking with all three coaches – using strong discernment – choose the one coach who could best you to create an extraordinary life or whatever goal you are focusing on.

The coaches’ ability to assist you in creating breakthroughs
– so you create your desired results — is KEY.

Only coach with someone you genuinely like, trust, and respect.


Sometimes, when you are struggling with something–

you may not enjoy your coach.

So in order for you to still get the benefit of the coaching

it’s important that they be someone you respect and trust even when you feel uncomfortable.


Bottom Line:

  • Choose a coach you like, trust, and respect.
  • A coach who respects you.
  • A coach who you believe can assist you to create the results you desire.

If you would like assistance in finding a great coach for you, simply ask I am happy to assist you in your search.

– Joseph Faust